Staying Connected During Social Distancing

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Who knew it could be possible to feel completely isolated while surrounded by people? It seems in the age of Covid, so much of the unimaginable has become our reality. 

With the recent news of schools starting this Fall without any in-person classes, it seems like this virus has simultaneously killed our social lives while trapping us inside with our tiny humans for the foreseeable future. 


While I love my children and being home with them, I can't help but feel lonely at times. I miss playdates more than I thought was possible. Let's face it, they were more for me than for my kids. Playdates were a chance for me to get out of the house and socialize with adults. I long for the days of being surrounded with friends and family, not to mention being able to walk down the aisles at Target without dodging people. Our new world of living through a pandemic, homeschooling, working from home, and all of the other responsibilities we carry as moms, can be overwhelming and disheartening at times. But there’s good news! I’ve found some ways for us (and our kids) to connect with others despite social distancing. As an added bonus, you can even use these tips for homeschooling projects too (woo hoo)! 


Any other multitaskers out there? You’re in good company! Some of my goals these days are to keep my kids engaged and get my work done while staying in touch with loved ones. (Whew!) In times like these, I think it’s helpful to use every tool in our box, and good ‘ol fashion snail mail has become one of my most treasured tools these days. If you don't share my love for sending and receiving mail, just hear me out. Did you know that showing appreciation, gratitude, and love is scientifically proven to increase your feelings of well being? Just the act of writing a simple thank you card can make your day (and someone else’s) a whole lot brighter! By having your kids participate, you’ll teach them how to express gratitude, about delayed gratification, AND spend quality time with you, all while sharpening their writing skills! Now that sounds like some super hero level multitasking to me!


If you want to up your snail mail game, try creating your own cards! That will take your multitasking to a new level by adding the therapeutic benefits of creating art. If you have young kids who don't know how to write yet, no problem! This is a perfect opportunity to get them involved. My three year old loves making pictures on the cards that we send to his cousins and friends. And the benefits don't stop there...

Watching my kids run out with excitement to check the mail and see what they received from their friends, is something that didn’t happen pre-covid. I feel like in some ways this era has brought things back to a simpler time, and I love that.

If making your own cards isn’t your thing, no worries! You can still send your friends and family beautiful pieces of handmade art. Just head over to my shop and pick some up there, or send me a message to order custom cards! 





Not sure who to send cards to? You can start a pen pal group with friends, which is easy and so much fun! I started one for the kids in my family and close friends group, and now they have more people to connect with, are getting to know each other better, and have even made new friends. Another idea is to contact your local nursing home/long term care facility and send letters to residents who are extremely isolated right now, and could use an uplifting note! I feel the most connected to others when I express how I feel about them, and using handwritten words is even more powerful. All it takes is a little effort, a bit of creativity and a lot of love. The world will be a better place because of it and I bet you will feel a lot more connected! 

So grab your favorite pen (you know the one that writes super smooth and makes your writing look so good? Yea that one!) and get to it!!! And don’t forget, if you need help in the card department and want something made for you, click the link below and grab some cuties from my shop! 




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If you need help finding supplies or are curious about custom cards, hit reply, I would love to chat! And as always, happy snail mailing! 



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