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Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs 🤪 where it’s all about community, connection and creativity!


I’m Jaimee-Anne (I prefer Jaimee-Anne but Jaimee is fine too 😊) I was born and raised in Southern California! I love animals, gardening, rainy days, baseball,Golden Girls and The Office. I love Jesus and gave my life to Him when I was 18 but I’m still a huge work in progress as we all are. Being a Christian is all about a relationship with Christ and living that out by loving others well so I hope if you believe in something else you know that you are still loved and welcomed here. 

I’ve been married to the love of my life for the past 7 years. We met at a midnight service at our church on Christmas Eve and the rest was history (that’s a story for another time). We have 3 beautiful babies who are 5 and under. If you see me out in public please don’t say “Wow, your hands are full!” 🙄🤣 I wear many hats but wife and mama are my favorite!


Before we started a family I was a nurse which I loved but I was very passionate about being home with the kids. The longer I was home the more it became clear that nursing was no longer for me. I wanted a job where I could have flexibility and be present with my kids while doing something I loved. I tried working in direct sales and while it wasn’t the right fit for me it taught me so much! It showed me that I suck at selling something I’m not truly passionate about 😂 and that I loved serving others and having the freedom of owning my own business. During the same time I rekindled my love of painting, lettering and creating cards. I have always loved hand written notes and cards but despised store bought cards because they never had the right message or style that I wanted. After realizing I wasn’t the only one, I decided to share them with the world and Goodenough Design Co was born!

My passion is creating art and meaningful community. In my early years of motherhood I realized how incredibly important having a tribe is and I want to help others cultivate that same connection with their people. I believe cards and art have a beautiful way of bringing people together.


My website will be stocked full of cards and prints for purchase and custom cards are available also (to inquire send a message from the contact page) but this blog will mostly be about building community and teaching you had to make art of your own (yay art therapy!). I am here to serve and connect with you so please comment below these blog posts and feel free reach out by using the chat box in the bottom right corner. I would love to hear any questions, comments or feedback.


Can’t wait to chat soon!

Don’t forget to poke around and check out the new website.

Happy 🐌 mailing friends!!!




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