Meet the Maker


Hey there! If we haven’t already met; I’m Jaimee-Anne Goodenough. I’m a wife to this hunk, and mom to these 4 sweet kiddos. I’m a former nurse, turned SAHM, turned artist and teacher!

I have loved being creative and making art my whole life! I was the kid who got the creativity award over any academic awards. But I compared my artwork to others and decided I wasn't "creative enough" so art quickly got put on the back burner for more practical things. 

In 2020, I started creating more art as a way to deal with the stress of the pandemic and fell back in love. I realized how much I needed creativity for my mental health and my kids loved joining in with me as well. I started my business, Goodenough Design Co, initially as a greeting card company but then was asked to start teaching art classes. This sparked a passion in me to share the love of art with others. I genuinely believe that we were created by a very creative God (I mean, just take a look around the animal kingdom!) and each one of us posses an unmeasurable amount of creativity. I believe every person is creative in their own way and that it's important for our wellbeing to tap into that creativity on a regular basis. Kids have no problem believing they are creative but as we get older we compare our creativity to others, as I did, and we lose the desire to create. 

I teach adults how to be creative again through watercolor workshop classes where I break down the basics and teach them how to make seasonal cards and art prints to take home and enjoy.

I also teach children at a local elementary school as well as mixed media workshop classes for kids of all ages.